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Andrew Nahem: graphic design |

I’ve designed magazines for Discover and Time Inc, I’ve created websites, apps, animations, interactive ads and email campaigns and I’ve designed book covers for a noir thriller and a Bollywood action film history.


At The Foundry at Time Inc. I designed microsites for Comcast (we see a mother filming her children tromping through the snow, watched in real time by the father on his commute); interactive ads for Ford evoking tires in snow, and for Dewar's: the warmth of winter spirits. I created an interactive Thanksgiving dinner for Gold’s Gym with a workout suggestion popping up over each side dish. I’ve made still photographs come alive (a fish jumps from one bowl to another, a roadsign turns in the wind), and turned complex financial charts into clearly understandable animated graphics.


I have great rapport with editors and clients and I love to work with a smart team, remaining calm even when being asked for a fourth round which strangely resembles the first round.


My focus is always on telling the story in the best way, letting the ideas and the medium drive the style, with bold compositional dynamism plus humor and whimsy, when appropriate. Sometimes the type and illustrations will tell the tale without any of the fancy stuff—it depends on the target audience and the message, always.


Partial list of clients/accounts/employers:

Time Inc. Content Solutions/The Foundry



Gold's Gym

U.S. Trust/ Capital Acumen
National Parks



Merrill Lynch

FAB Press

The Cultural Gutter

Parenting Magazine

Discover Magazine
Fitness Magazine

Family Circle

Town & Country